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Should Golf Cart Batteries Make Noise When Charging?

Do you own a golf cart that makes noise while charging? If yes, then you might be wondering about what really causes this noise and how to stop it! Well, if your golf cart battery makes a gurgling or bubbling sound when charging, then you don’t need to worry as you are not alone. Most golf cart owners face the same issue with their cart batteries, and fortunately there’s nothing to worry about.

While charging your golf cart batteries, you may notice a noise during the entire charging process, and this might make you think about of it is normal for the cart batteries to bubble. Depending upon the noise occurring, it is absolutely normal, or you could have an issue on your hands. Firstly, it’s essential to note the type of sound emitting from the batteries while charging as this could indicate whether your golf cart batteries are perfectly doing what they should do, or you need to disconnect the charger immediately.

Why Do Batteries Make a Gurgling or Bubbling Sound? 


While charging, a golf cart battery makes clicking, bubbling, or gurgling sound. These sounds might be pretty normal, but if you hear a pop or a hissing sound, that is abnormal and might be a sign of further issues.

The reason behind the bubbling or gurgling sound of the golf cart batteries is the gases that are present in the batteries. When charging your golf cart batteries, the amperage exceeds the level of the natural absorption rate, which could later cause the battery to overheat. This overheating, in turn, causes the battery electrolyte solution to bubble, thus creating a golf cart battery to emit a bubbling sound when charging and creates flammable hydrogen gas. The hydrogen gas, when combined with oxygen from the air, is highly explosive in nature and can easily be ignited by a simple spark.

The bubbling or gurgling sound is entirely normal during the charging process, especially when the battery is new because it is essential for the golf cart batteries to solidify the new lead within the batteries, commonly called curing the lead. This process can take around 15 to 20 cycles to be completed, and you will more likely have to add water during this process as the charger pushes the electrons into the lead.

Once this process completes, the bubbling sound will start getting quieter, but it will not stop. But you must make sure that if the golf cart batteries are still making louder bubbling noise after the curing process, then your batteries could be experiencing an overcharge situation which is a dangerous phenomenon. There are some acceptable charging ranges that should not be exceeded for the golf cart batteries. So, exceeding this range will lead to a bubbling or gurgling sound even after the curing process is completed and will make the acid to leak in order to relieve pressure.

Is it bad if Batteries are Making Noise When Charging?


Charging a golf cart battery is a must from time to time as it ensures the smooth and efficient running of your golf carts. However, you may sometimes experience an adverse reaction from your cart batteries as it charges, like bubbling or hissing sound. So, if you think, “is this sound bad,” then the answer is NO, but it entirely depends upon how loud the bubbling or hissing sound is!

The situation of golf cart batteries making a noise is the one that might be indicative of many concerns and is something that must be addressed as soon as possible in order to avoid confusion. Therefore, it’s highly important for you to examine the plentiful reasons why your batteries are making noise when charging and whether the amount of boiling is healthy.

An excellent way to figure this out is that if your golf cart battery boils over and spills, this is not a good indication, and this amount is not a healthy look for your golf cart batteries. In case if the batteries boil over and spill, then this could cause damage to your golf cart or the batteries itself. However, there are chances that more serious boiling might occur with your golf cart battery, and this situation can be hard to handle and even damaging because the water and the acid will flow out of your battery cells onto the charger, and the charger will sit there and then. So, always make sure to keep a note of the boiling sound because the more it is, the more serious the concern becomes.

 Is There a Way to Stop Golf Cart Batteries From Making Noise?


Are you wondering about  how to stop golf cart batteries from making noise when charging? If yes, then there’s no way out for this. Yes, you read that correctly. There’s no way to stop your golf cart batteries from making noise, and there’s nothing to worry about it because it is normal for the golf cart batteries to make noise while charging.

In case if the battery starts to boil over, you must understand that the problems are related to the charger and the acid within the golf cart battery.

Both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries must be charged properly for their effective operations; whether your golf cart features a 36-volt system or a 48-volt system, every sort of battery needs to be taken care of while charging. You can simply follow the basic tips to maintain your golf cart battery, but you cannot avoid or stop the noise when charging because it’s normal. But if the noise is getting louder day by day, then you may look for the reasons and get your golf cart battery replaced if required.

Wrapping Up

Charging your golf cart batteries is not as challenging as it sounds; you just need to follow specific tips that can help you charge the batteries properly.  If you believe you need a new battery for your golf cart, J’s Golf Carts can provide you with the correct battery or charger for your cart.  If you have any questions, please contact us today and we will be happy to help.


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