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Golf Cart Tire Pressure: Taking Care of Your Tires With the Correct PSI

Average Golf Cart Tire Pressure

Most golf cart tires will recommend a tire pressure somewhere between 15 and 25 psi (pounds per square inch) but some can reach up to 40 psi.

This puts the average tire pressure number at around 20 psi for a golf cart tire. Tires for different types of golf carts and from different manufacturers may vary from the average golf cart tire pressure. Most golf cart tires have the recommended psi imprinted somewhere on the tire’s sidewall. If you cannot find the psi on the tire for some reason, contact the manufacturer.

How to Adjust Your Golf Cart’s Tire Pressure

If you are going to own a golf cart, there are some useful tools that you should consider investing in to extend the life of your cart. You should treat your golf cart tires as if they were the tires on any other motorized vehicle. Here are some tools you can store with your golf cart for easy maintenance:

Pressure gauge: The first tool you will need for keeping your golf cart tires in good condition is a pressure gauge. To use a pressure gauge you simply need to remove the cap on the air valve of your tire and quickly press the end of the gauge into the valve. You should hear a short burst of air as you are pressing the gauge onto the valve. You can then pull the gauge away from the tire and see the displayed air pressure in units of psi. 

Electric air pump: A portable electric air pump is the fastest way to put air into your golf cart tires. After checking the tire pressure with your gauge, determine whether you need to add air to the tire (pressure is too low) or release air from the tire (pressure too high). To add air pressure, plug in your electric pump and locate the nozzle where the air is dispensed. Hold the nozzle over the air valve of the tire and press onto it until you cannot hear air escaping anywhere. Every couple of seconds, pull the air pump away and check the pressure with your gauge again. Repeat this process until your tires have reached the appropriate psi.

Why Does the Appropriate Tire Pressure Matter?

Obviously, the appropriate tire pressure will allow your golf cart to move, but there are other reasons why you should check your tire pressure on occasion.

Prevent wearing out power systems: If your golf cart’s tire pressure is too low or high it can possibly damage the cart. Low tire pressure can cause your power systems like the battery and motor to work harder and in turn, wear out faster.

Extend the life of the tires: When tire pressure is too low, increased friction on the road can cause your tires to lose their tread sooner. When tire pressure is too high, it is possible for tires to pop, especially when abrupt force is applied to the tire. This can happen by hitting a pothole or somewhat pointed object.

Give a smoother ride: When tire pressure is too low, it can cause your golf cart to slow down due to increased friction. If your golf cart tire pressure is too high, it can reduce the ability of your tires to absorb energy causing a bouncy and uncomfortable ride.

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