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How Long Do Golf Cart Brakes Last?

Like a car, your golf cart’s brakes eventually need to be replaced.  Over time, they can get worn down, causing them to struggle to make your cart stop.  No matter if you take your cart off-road, around the neighborhood, or on the golf course, you need to make sure you have functional brakes.  One of the questions most people wonder when they have new brakes on their cart is how long those brakes will last them.

The experts here at J’s Golf Carts have the answers to how often you should replace the brakes on your cart, and how you know that it’s time to finally replace them.

Brakes on a Golf Cart

Since golf carts do not go exceptionally fast, they usually only need brakes on the two rear wheels. The typical maximum speed of a golf cart is about 11 miles per hour.  When your cart drives at a standard speed, the rear brakes do not need to exert much effort in order to stop the cart.

However, it is possible to modify your cart to go even faster.  If your cart is modified to reach faster speeds, such as exceeding 20 mph, solely having rear wheel brakes may not be enough to stop your cart.  At this point, you would want to also include front brakes for the cart.  If you have a modified golf cart, then your cart will require different brakes to function.  This is not necessary for normal carts that have not been changed at all.  

The standard golf cart brakes that come pre-installed on your cart are the rear wheel drum brakes.  Depending on the cart that you have, you may have either mechanical brakes or electric brakes.

How to Check Your Golf Cart Brakes

It is recommended that you check on your brakes every three months.  The following is the best way to check the brakes on your golf cart:

  1. Make sure your cart is parked on level ground.
  2. Lock the front wheels in place by placing four blocks around them.  Once those are secured, you will use a jack to lift the rear wheels slightly off the ground.
  3. Use a ¾” socket wrench to take both the back wheels off.
  4. Find the brake adjuster (similar to that on a car).
  5. Adjust the brake pad using the screw on the back of the brake pad.  You will want to turn it until there is resistance, and then unscrew enough to remove the resistance.
  6. To clean the brakes, spray them with an oil-based solvent or rust-dissolver.  You can wipe them down with a piece of cloth.
  7. Put the wheels back on your cart and remove the jack from under the cart.
  8. Before using your cart again, make sure to try to engage the brakes to confirm they are working properly.

If the brakes do not squeal during use, you likely do not need to replace them yet.  However, if you have a concern about your brakes after looking them over, feel free to bring your cart by the J’s Golf Carts service department!

Signs Your Brakes Are Going Bad

The brakes on your golf cart are similar to those on a regular vehicle.  Much like a regular car, one of the ways you know that your brakes are starting to go bad is when they start making a squealing sound.  The squealing will signify that the brake pads are actually wearing down.

Another sign that your brakes have started to go bad is when the feel of your brake pedal changes when pressed.  Typically, this will feel like a vibration in the pedal.  If it does not feel like a vibration, you might notice a shuddering or pulsing feeling.

How Long Brakes Typically Last

The brakes on your golf cart should be able to last you a long time.  In fact, they will likely last you as long – if not longer – than the batteries in the cart.  Therefore, your brakes should be functional for at least a couple of years.

However, just because the brakes are meant to last a long time does not mean that they do not need to be serviced every so often.  You should have your brakes checked at least annually, or after 250-300 hours of use.  When you get your annual service done on your cart, you can have your brakes checked out!

Taking care of your cart and keeping up with the maintenance on it is a surefire way to make sure your cart’s brakes will last longer.

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