Should I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged In All The Time? 

leaving golf cart plugged in

“Should I leave my golf cart plugged in all the time while I am not using it,” is one of the biggest concerns surrounding golf carts. Most of the owners who ask this question fall in the category of having recently bought their first golf cart. It is wise to be concerned about the health of your golf cart battery, as something like this can cost you a lot of money if you do not take care of it as you should. 

When experienced and first-time golf cart owners raise similar questions, you can assume that the issue needs to be addressed.  At J’s, we often hear this question from our customers.

 Confusion Among Golf Cart Owners

At present, there are three major manufacturers of golf carts: Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha, and it comes off that most of the confusion surrounding the issue at hand is their difference of instruction. It can become confusing for many when each of these three prominent golf cart companies gives opposing instructions.

Each company appears to have a seemingly contradicting recommendation when it comes to golf cart battery charges.

  • Club Car suggests that golf cart chargers should be left plugged in during prolonged storage.
  • E-Z-GO, on the other hand, suggests that golf cart chargers should remain unplugged during prolonged storage.
  • And Yamaha suggests completely unplugging the golf cart batteries.

Let’s evaluate the assertions from both sides and then reach a rational conclusion on the best way to manage your golf cart battery. 

Why Should You Leave a Golf Cart plugged in? 

Manufacturers suggest leaving your golf cart plugged in all of the time while using an auto battery charger, as it will keep the batteries fully charged and always available. If batteries are not charged for prolonged storage, they may damage over time and deliver less capacity.

Often, particularly during winter, golf carts may go months without use. As a result, your battery cells will slowly dissipate if it is not charged in a prolonged period, which may negatively impact the overall performance of your battery. 

Why Shouldn’t You Leave Battery Plug-in Golf Cart?

When you put a charger plugged in for elongated periods, it can have an adverse effect.

For instance, a common problem that most owners who leave their golf cart battery plugged in the notice is that their circuit breaker keeps tripping. This indicates that the battery auto switch-off function has stopped working, compelling the charger to transmit a continual flow of electricity to your battery, hence overcharging and degrading it. 

Another common problem that can arise when you leave your golf cart plugged in is that the charger could lose AC power. As a result, the charger starts removing power from the golf cart batteries, which is counter-productive and damaging to the battery cells. 


A crucial point to remember is that a golf cart battery is built to discharge and recharge. Retaining a persistent state of full charge is not adequate for your overall battery performance. Enabling the battery to lose its charge before plugging it up again boosts its operational stability, resulting in optimal functioning for much longer. The best thing you can do for your battery is to charge it up entirely and then unplug it from the vehicle receptacle. It will enable your battery to discharge usually, which is beneficial for its long-term endurance.

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