What is a Reconditioned Golf Cart

2016 Club Car Precedent Blue

What’s the difference between a reconditioned golf cart and a used golf cart? This is one of the most common questions when looking to purchase a golf cart. Buying a cart is exciting, but before you purchase a golf cart, you need to know the difference.

At J’s Golf Carts, we specialize in used golf carts for sale. However, our used golf carts are considered reconditioned. Reconditioned golf carts are carts that were used solely on the golf course for several years and then sold to private dealers like J’s Golf Carts and sold to the public as “reconditioned / refurbished.” All reconditioned golf carts are certified, include a 6-month warranty, include brand new Trojan batteries, and include the original Year and Serial number. J’s Golf Carts is a Certified Club Car dealer.

Most used golf carts are typically sold as is. No upgrades, no modifications, old batteries, and typically little to no maintenance performed on the cart prior to being sold. Buying a used cart lends you to unknown existing conditions or issues that may be lurking below the body of the cart. Sometimes, with used golf carts, you pay for what you get. Always make sure you know what you are buying when considering a used golf cart.

At J’s golf carts, we guarantee our reconditioned golf carts undergo a variety of inspections by our expert technicians. We take a multi step process when reconditioning our golf carts. We make sure our customers receive golf carts that are in “like new” condition.

At J’s Golf Carts, our reconditioned golf carts are constructed through the following process:

Stage 1: The Strip Down Process:

  • All previously owned golf carts are stripped completely down to the base frame. All cart body parts, seats, framing, dash boards, wiring, old batteries, etc. are stripped from the cart.
  • The cart is run through a multi-point inspection to look for potential issues regarding alignment, steering and drive motors, suspension, brakes and any previous damage that may prevent the cart from performing properly.
  • The cart is then cleaned and prepped for new components, body molds, wiring, seats, cushions, canopy and canopy frame, etc.

reconditioned golf cart

Stage 2: The Rebuild:

A  J’s certified technician will install the following:

  • Brand New Batteries (Trojan or Continental)reconditioned cart front
  • All new electrical wiring
  • Brand new Club Car body molds (Precedent and Villager 4)
  • New Windshield
  • New extended canopy
  • Custom two-tone seats – front & rear (custom color combos available)
  • Custom dashboard kits
  • Custom LED light Kits
  • Suspension Kits (if requested)
  • New Tires and Rims
  • New Max 6 rear seats (includes arm rests, fold down seats with storage/cooler bin)

Stage 3: The Final product

  • All carts are run through a final multi inspection process before being sold.
  • All carts are Certified Reconditioned Golf Carts
  • All “Reconditioned” golf carts come with a 6-month warranty
  • Financing and Leasing options are available for all Reconditioned Golf carts.

finalized reconditioned cart

Custom Reconditioned Golf Carts:

Are you looking for a golf cart that matches your personality, favorite team or your favorite colors? At J’s Golf Carts, we can build your custom golf cart from custom seats, lift kits, colors, etc. All custom golf carts are built on previously owned golf cart frames and fall under the “Reconditioned” category. We follow the above steps and specifications to ensure we are providing the highest quality product to our customers. Contact a J’s team member today regarding your custom built golf cart.

Street Legal/Ready Reconditioned Golf Carts:

All reconditioned golf carts can be modified to meet all Street Legal and Street Ready requirements. If you are looking for a reconditioned golf cart that is street legal or street ready, contact a J’s Representative or submit your contact information. J’s Golf Carts is a certified dealer for Street Legal golf carts.

Looking to buy a “Reconditioned” golf cart of your very own? Contact us for more information or stop by our showroom to see our available inventory.

If you are looking for a Reconditioned golf cart for the best price, we’ve got you covered! Our certified staff can answer all your questions and help you choose the right golf cart for you. Contact us here online or call us at 919-552-9351 and speak to a team member today.


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