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Golf Cart Weight: Everything You Need to Know

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How much does a Golf Cart weigh?

The average golf cart weight ranges between 800 and 1100 pounds, but this varies on several factors. Some things that can affect the weight of your golf cart include:

  • Battery weight
  • Golf cart size(seats)
  • Electric vs gas cart
  • Accessories put on the cart

How Much Extra Weight Do Batteries Add?

After seeing that battery weight is a big factor in the average weight of a golf cart you are probably wondering, how much do golf cart batteries weigh? Your golf cart’s battery weight can easily range anywhere from 10 to 300 pounds. This is because some golf carts require larger batteries and sometimes more than one. If you are trying to find out the difference of EZ-GO or club car weight with batteries, they will have around the same weight range. So how heavy is a golf cart with and without batteries? There are actually two terms that describe the weight of a golf cart in both scenarios

Dry weight: The dry weight of a golf cart measures what the cart will weigh without the installation of the battery or golf cart accessories. The reason these two different weights are taken is that parts like the battery can easily add a great amount of weight to your golf cart.

Curb weight: You will most likely need to use the curb weight as your reference because your golf cart will probably be in its completed state with the battery and upgrades installed. The curb weight is what your golf cart will weigh with the batteries installed. 

Examples of Different Golf Cart Weights

It is difficult to put an exact weight on any type of golf cart because of the numerous variables that go into the calculation. The weight will depend on all the variables that were listed and possibly other factors too. The best way to determine the weight of your cart is to contact the manufacturer.

How much does an electric golf cart weigh and how much does a gas golf cart weigh? Is there a difference in the weight of each type of golf cart? Yes, there is a difference. electric golf carts are usually heavier than gas golf carts because they rely solely on battery power. electric golf carts can have between 4 to 6 battery cells, multiplying the curb weight of the cart.

Here are just a few examples of different golf cart weights to give a broad view of how much the weight of a cart can differ. 

2 passenger Club Car Villager weight of golf cart: 48-volt Electric 975 lbs;  Gas 675 lbs

Lifted 4 passenger Club Car Carryall weight of golf cart: 48-volt Electric 1125 lbs;  Gas 875 lbs

6 passenger Club Car Precedent Stretch PTV weight of golf cart: HP Electric 1293 lbs; Gas 980 lbs

Golf Cart Weight Limit for Cargo and Passengers

It is recommended that you do not exceed the weight limit that your golf cart can carry to extend the life of your cart. If there are too many passengers on a golf cart you may notice the cart traveling at a slower speed than normal. If you do this too often, you can damage your cart’s power systems.

Most golf carts will account for having passengers in each seat up to around 200 lbs. for golf carts with more passengers, that limit will increase. To be on the safe side, just make sure that you are not carrying more passengers than there are seats. Here are a few examples of a golf cart’s carrying weight.

2 passenger: ~ 400-550 lbs

4 passenger: ~ 800 lbs

6 passenger: ~ 1500 lbs

2 passenger Utility: ~ 800-1200 lbs

How much weight can a golf cart tow?

The average golf cart can tow around 1,000 lbs of cargo, but some can tow more. Golf cart towing is a useful way to transport smaller cargo short distances without having to use a full-size vehicle. So what can you tow with a golf cart? The brand and specs of your golf cart will influence how much weight your golf cart can tow.

The horsepower of your golf cart also influences how much your golf cart can tow. So how much hp does a golf cart have? An electric cart has between 3-5hp and a gas cart has about 10-12hp, so you will be able to tow more weight with a gas golf cart as it will have more torque power. Although, there are some exceptions like a 48-volt Club Car DS, which can have up to 10hp. You will have to check how much horsepower your cart model has with a manufacturer if you want to know an exact number.

Before using your golf cart to tow, make sure you know that the cart can handle the weight before you commit to it. You will also want to make sure that tire pressure on your golf cart is at the correct psi so you do not damage your cart. Some things that you will most likely be able to tow with a golf cart include:

  • Jet Ski
  • Small Boat
  • Small Trailer
  • Another golf cart

You can find towing attachments for your golf cart online. With a towing attachment, you can connect a boat or jet ski trailer to the back of most golf carts. A small golf cart should be able to tow a small boat or jet ski without issues.

How Can You Tow A Golf Cart?

If you are looking for the weight of a golf cart to find out if you can transport your golf cart, you came to the right place. Before loading a golf cart onto a flatbed truck or onto a trailer, you should know the weight of your golf cart so you can safely transport it. If you are transporting your cart using a pickup truck, check out our guide on golf cart dimensions for loading and transporting. This guide also gives advice on what kind of trailer you can tow a golf cart with and suggestions for which golf cart hauling trailers to use.

J’s Golf Carts

Looking for an economic and convenient way to tow and haul things around your property? Gone are the days when golf carts were only used on golf courses. At J’s Golf Carts, a common question we get from our customers is “How much weight can a golf cart tow?”. Golf carts can be extremely handy vehicles, used to carry all sorts of equipment and accessories to help around your home or business. Towing capacities differ on select models, and we are proud to have powerful golf carts that can tow up to 2,000 pounds!

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